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Engagement, Participation, and Involvement

There are three levels of participation within any organization.  Let’s start with the goal of sharing power at all levels to get the most out of collaborations and promote psychological safety. 

Sirajah Raheem, MPH

Engagement, Participation, and Involvement

Sirajah Raheem is the Founder of Groundsheet. Raheem is devoted to contributing to a more just future. For the past decade she has worked to dismantle structural violence by preventing and responding to interpersonal violence. I believe that the dismantling of oppression rest on opportunities for true participation.

Collaborative creation

Re-envisioning work and power-sharing

Reparation, abolition, accountability

Dismantling oppression and anti-Blackness

Radical transparency

Radical Practical Application

Collective work and responsibility

Equitable and reparative compensation

Theory of Change

Individual effectiveness
Policy changes and reparation
Upskilling DEI professionals and creating real opportunities to contribute beyond a professional swap 

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