Our principle of Radical Transparency includes pay transparency. 

Moral Compass

Our Core Principles and Practices

Radical Transparency is one of Groundsheet’s Core Principles. Transparency reduces pay inequity by allowing you to make direct comparisons and correct disparities. We encourage you to track the payment and demographics of consultants. We would work with you to correct any disparities between consultants and speakers with similar skills/ experience. 

We are transparent about what we charge and why. We invite you to participate in the equitable distribution of resources like these by paying full cost or reparative rates. We invite you to seek our services regardless of your economic resources. Let’s make it work! 

Workshops and Trainings

Balancing Power and Building Relationships

  • 90 Minutes: Workplace Climate
  • 90 Minutes: Sponsors/ Mentors/ Friendtors: Leveraging Social Network to Create Diverse Leadership Teams
  • 60-90 Minutes:Positionality and Perspective Change

Conscious Conflict Response

Strategic Planning for Organizational Accountability

  • 90 Minutes: Team Values Discovery Session

  • 90 Minutes: Individual and Collective Mission Statement
  • 90 Minutes: Engagement, Participation, Involvement
  • 90 Minutes: Empathetic Leadership in Mission-Driven Orgs
  • 90 Minutes: Core Commitments and Accountability

Safe Spaces/ Brave Spaces

Workshops and Trainings

Staff Retreats

Speaking Engagements

Facilitated Conversation/ Panel Discussion