Amanda Houpt

Amanda, she/ her/ hers, is endlessly curious and always has been. A voracious reader and avid wanderer, she delights in learning as much as possible about people, places, and processes. This fundamental characteristic has led her to be an English major, health behaviorist, professional trainer, and instructional designer at various points in her life. She has a master’s in public health and focused her training on preventing interpersonal violence. A passionate community-builder, she is committed to creating inclusive organizational cultures in which all workers can thrive. She’s worked with a diverse array of clients, including high schools, colleges, corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, and the US military. In collaboration with Groundsheet, she strives to promote organizational accountability and help organizations meaningfully integrate anti-oppression and racial equity into their work. Like Mariame Kaba, she believes that everything worthwhile is done with other people. So, she relishes the chance to collaborate with partners and clients to collectively boost equity, inclusion, and justice.